The Guide Without A Guide of modern life has sprouted from many real-life experiences. Here, I will share with you the cries and laughters of living a modern life, and I will show the many mindsets of writers, journalists, thinkers, and other people like us from all over the world who dedicate their lives to writing about this in an unusual, funny, and humanist way.

Why did I choose a title as unusual as Without A Guide ? Because life itself is a guide without a guide: when we are born, our parents have plans for us, but we cannot be sure of anything that might happen. We must have humility to cope with a life that is simple but demanding at the same time. The mirror has two faces: nothing is completely evil or completely good. We are constantly changing and learning, and anyone who wants to, has the ability of taking advantage of this way of life!

The great challenge is not to create expectations and let our few or many experiences act as our ally and guide. This will keep us from suffering from things we cannot control. We must keep the flame of curiosity burning and maintain our capacity to act best when facing adversity.

PLEASE, do not let yourself stop. Those who stop are already dead. Let’s change when it is necessary, let’s experience the best of life while walking the middle path and smiling at the delightful taste of living, and let’s move from action to evolution…

Namaste !!

Doctor’s prescription:

This is for reading and using as a guide day by day…

Mimi Shamoi