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How to have a relationship without Tinder

In the modern times, we have to be smart, girls. I speak for women but this also works for men. There are many ways to meet boys and girls outside of Tinder. Let’s see, we all have friends of friends and most of those friends certainly may have some interest in you and find you

Do you really need tinder?

I am not a tinder person and it’s not because I want to be different (I am) but because it’s not fair nor cool to find guys with a finger. I’m a bit old fashioned and I preffer to look for someone somewhere in a phisical place. I want to feel his eyes on me…

Hard to get

To be easy or hard to catch is something that has to do with chemistry. No women or men like heavy and boring people. There are situations where a relationship starts just after having sex. They may not knew each other before that but they may stay together for a very long time and built


I don´t usually recommend to break the rules. However, sometimes we cannot avoid breaking them. This story I’m about to narrate here explains exactly that: We meet someone while having a boyfriend and he is committed to someone too. There’s a connection between you. The chemistry you have is undeniable and the feeling that your

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