I am not a tinder person and it’s not because I want to be different (I am) but because it’s not fair nor cool to find guys with a finger. I’m a bit old fashioned and I preffer to look for someone somewhere in a phisical place. I want to feel his eyes on me… It’s a bit sad that girls are so easy nowadays because we are living a century where everything is very easy, also human interactions. And you still dare make it easier? What do you think it’s going to happen? That you’re going to win the best of him? I think rather the contrary; he is going to show you the worst part of him.

We have to try to keep a certain distance. In the end we are not irrational animals, we are rational. I know very crazy stories of my friends who meet someone that they had never seen and the boy corresponded and did things correctly with them. At the end of the night they went home to fuck and since then they are a couple and have even they moved to live together. One of this friends of mine was in Tinder one year and felt super used. She agreed to meet boys and they just wanted sex without even offer her a drink first. Of course there are other situations where my friend went to have dinner and he obviously payed for the two of them but in the end he spoke to her: – “You are beautiful, let’s have the last drink in my house.” (jajaja) And guess what: when they went to his house he had already prepared the condoms… In Tinder people are easy, both men and women, but humans like challenges, we like puzzles. And my advice to women is to buy a vibrator because in the end the kind of relationships that Tinder offers, which are basically sex affairs, are always better for them then for us. Women will never be the same as men. Their pleasure is different from our pleasure.

The feminists nowadays drive me crazy because feminism itself as they understand is a utopia for unsatisfied women. A woman who cares for herself and who looks up to her father because he is a hero who treats her mom like a queen, will not accept anything less from a man. That’s why I ask: do you really need to be in Tinder to find someone who likes you or are you just looking for bad sex??

Tinder is very convinient for men, that is clear. It doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful, tall, speak five languages, have studied in the best university, etc., you are in Tinder, an application that won’t offer you what you want and deserve. The last report that I saw spoke of tinder dates and explained how over the years men have been loosing the urge to be gentle and caring. I wonder if women want to be treated like objects, like a hole between their legs… Where are the feminists now, our heroines?? Women today do not know how to speak in a meeting in which only the option of sex is offered. That’s why I ask again: do you need tinder?

Of course there are exceptions, like everything in life, and yes, I have knowledge of people who got married after meeting someone through tinder, but the statistics speak for themselves: Of 10 encounters 1 turns out, the others don’t. Where are you, in the one that has a happy ending (that may last long or not) or in the nine remaining?

Let’s be clear: what I’m trying to show here is just the reality, not very beautiful but true and a bit sad, basically for women. So I ask again: are women and men the same?

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