To be easy or hard to catch is something that has to do with chemistry. No women or men like heavy and boring people. There are situations where a relationship starts just after having sex. They may not knew each other before that but they may stay together for a very long time and built a strong complicity. Sometimes people make everything very difficult and it just doesn’t work. There is too much preparation, it lacks spontaneity to last in the outcoming years as a couple. At the same time, there is an element that has to do with our bodies: when you look at each other you have the impression that you’ve known the other from another life. The more the feeling is strong, the harder it it to protect ourselves from breaking our hearts but that’s exactly what we have to do. A girl has to be difficult to catch, she shouldnt be taken from granted, something like a butterfly.

So, the best way to measure a new situation is to experience the situation itself. There are no guides to help you with this, unfortunately or fortunately. If you open your eyes and you connect with your instints, you will be able to feel the person who is staying with you, but it will take some time…

You met him in a Meetup with friends and suddenly he looks at you as if you were certainly the most beautiful woman in the universe and besides making you feel this, he speaks to you with all the letters and drops his words so well that you come back home with the best sensation and you even tell yourself: “where was this boy before I met him?”. He clearly has something that you like: is it the color of his eye, his skin color, his scent, or his lips?, think, has he something that you fancy or that you have already dreamed? For sure…

Maybe he feels the same for you and this may actually be a problem for him because usually for men is just about sex. When they get involved in feelings they do not accept it easily and their minds take more time to process it all. But what matters is that he has started a game with you (because in life everything is a game) and you have done the same. You’ve decided you are not going to show your real face this time. You are going to be playing a submissive role but at the same time lovely; listenning to him and not answering what you would normally say. You are a princess disguised as a peasant. You are doing this because at on point he entered in your mind in a very sweet way and you decided you wanted to follow him and see where did he wanted to guide you.

Then we get to a second phase of the game where he thinks he’s winning and you are laughing because you are actually letting him win. However, it begins to be dangerous, because no girl likes to be ignored by a guy who was sweet at first and is becoming bitter.

PS: We are talking about being submissive in the sense of letting him decide what day, what time and how he will be with her. Let us not confuse ourselves at this point, since she does not let him cross the lines and do whatever he wants. Everything that he has not managed to conquer in her thoughts and that he has not showed her politely and tactfully first to prepare her, she doesn’t consider.

Men have to understand one thing: easy women are many, those that play with you and make you think, save them for you, or at least take advantage of the moments at their side to the maximum; to learn and to be a real man. It’s a win to win situation, everybody takes advantage of it. There are many rotten men in the world. Don’t be one of them.

Feelings and attractions, sex, food, champagne, wine, kisses and touch… all that makes you feel and think… If you are a man or a woman who likes the superficial things: a one night affair, 20 minutes of pleasure… I advise you to buy a vibrator and stay at home without any human contact or go to a club and pay for a companion that is a robot and that does exactly what you ask, preferably with no emotions involved (JAJA).

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