In the modern times, we have to be smart, girls. I speak for women but this also works for men. There are many ways to meet boys and girls outside of Tinder. Let’s see, we all have friends of friends and most of those friends certainly may have some interest in you and find you very attractive. Let’s make an exchange of friends from friends! In the real world, outside the net, We fraternize with people because we are not on the phone and we have to go places. That’s how things flow. I guarantee that you will meet very interesting people who will offer you the opportunity to know a different language, a job, an idea… and you will always be in evolution, not like when you are at home taking selfies to place in an app where there may be stupid, dirty, uneducated people that will certainly not practice a healthy sex with you.

Another thing I want to say to girls is: be smarter and less competitive. There are now more than ever WhatsApp groups of boys and girls who are going to events, dinners, parties… If you choose to go, then you can have eye contact with the boys. There are so many options…

We should have an application where men simply remember the education they received from their mothers and women remember the education they received from their fathers. (On one hand, a mother teaches her boy how to sit, to take baths, eat politely and be educated. On the other hand, a father says to his daughter to not wear too much makeup or very short skirts or talk loud in front of a man, or say tacos. He reminds her to listen to others).

We are in a world so creative, full of possibilities of physical contact… think twice before you get into an app. The most valuable thing is to feel good about yourself and to know how to be good in and out of bed with people who treat you correctly so that you can get the best of you.

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