Humanity exists today because our ancestors recognized that living in a society was the way that leads to success. History shows that society is most advantageous when we all work together towards something greater than us. Psychologist Dacher Keltner argued that humans are successful because they are nurturing, altruistic, and compassionate—“Survival of the kindest” (The Anthropology of Success). Our power and necessity of thinking together are now leading us to evolvement as we’ve never seen it before.

Now is our time, millennials, to wake up, change, create, and evolve.

Here, I want to talk about the world’s the development after ancient History. Something we seem to have lost is respect for each-other in business, college, and friendship. Not everyone is competition ! We can work together in order to win. I also think self-education is not only where you are born, but also the way you learn to live in a community. What’s most important is how anyone can remain open to recognizing their place in society. Not everybody can be a leader. Also, your family’s money doesn’t make you a successful person.

This is a space where you can learn about our events, where people from the same social class but different cultural background can meet and share their experiences.

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