Hello, I am José Roberto Xavier, I was born in Rio de Janeiro and I’m an Autodidact plastic artist and also a landscape architect. My work has been inspired by some of the greatest brazilian artists such as Alfredo Volpi, Iberê Camargo, and crucial movement of great influence in brazil which took place in the 50’s.

Not to mention that I as an artist, I express my feelings through Rio de Janeiro, city of great political and social contrast but also of music and art, not to forget the presence of the favelas and beautiful beaches..

I live in Rio de Janeiro and do urban and art interventions throughout the city, showcasing my strong impressionism in paintings and also in beautiful grandioses sculptures.  I met Michelle Shamoi in a large art event in Rio in September 2007, called  “ARTE GARAGEM” . I liked her just from the look on her face, that a very unique and surprising sincerity. At the time I thought she looked like a wise child, also because of the look on her face, but when she opened her mouth, I quickly realized that she was a person who loved the arts and was creating incredible connection to describe her opinion…

Yes, I smile a lot !!!

That’s how we became friends and she has always been available and kept in touch throughout the years, always following my work somehow. Brazilian art is already part of the world’s taste, which was the best kick-off needed to create this synergy with Mimi.

My idea is to show my work here and talk about art among other things, to connect cultures and unique events between Brazil and Europe, but also to introduce the work of distinguished artists from Brazil and other colleagues in the world.

As a true capricorn, I am a good observer and go through life with perseverance and determination. I am not afraid of challenges, such as writing here for instance, and will always be focused on my goals.


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