Sometimes I stop and remember how it all began, how I became a landscape architect. Everything I surround myself with, in life, is linked with art, which is no surprise given that I’ve always been a curious mind, eager to get as much experience as I could and learning new things, using nature’s beauty.

I became passionate about landscaping in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, in Urca’s neighborhood, where I started practicing mountaineering and thanks to the freedom it provided, really got in touch with nature and its breathtaking beauty. This gave me so much wisdom and taught me how to respect plants, trees and all kinds of vegetation. Therefore, I decided to bring in all this nature and environment from the streets of my city that I would only enjoy from inside my apartment, through the window.

Our forest, called Mata Atlântica is truly most amazing but unfortunately has been devastated in the past. I do my best to contribute to its revitalization and base all my work on devastated forests, along with this idea of urban gardens as a creative way towards revitalization. I have been lucky enough to acquire experience in that area which made this possible.

I wee art in what I do and think of landscapes as sculptures. This has, without a doubt been one of the best decisions i’ve made, in my whole life. Landscaping made me realize this whole other dimension which is bringing people awareness in regards to flora and better quality of life as well as a sort of state of well-being, not only for people but for flora and fauna.

To that end, I use vegetation as a brush, convinced that art is everywhere, to embellish the city, while also working on sculptures, bringing monuments together…


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