“ Sex On and Sex Off is a short and funny analogy to our daily sex lives with real stories which I will not start this blog by bringing right away, but will make some analogies in order to introduce the concept… “

Sex On- Is a continuous act, a certainty guided by our natural instincts. The best example is the kind we are having in a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend, a type of boyfriend who’s also a kind of best friend, the one you plan on growing old with.


But be careful, there can be an unexpected surprise. Nobody is guaranteed to stay by your side. Only your parents, who allegedly constitute about 99.9% of family love, can be a certainty in your life. If you have a 50% certainty to stay with a certain person, you can consider it a safe bet, but if you take that certainty too high, you risk losing the peace and the person by your side.

In Sex On, there are no limits within the relationship, just with the rest of the people around us such as friends, family, or possibly ex lovers. Our friends can tell us what they think about our relationship, but its strength comes only from what we feel for our partner. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience, just follow your instincts and let your feelings blossom.

Sex Off – Is when a relationship is considered open and not emotionally secure. You can have a Sex Off relationship with one or more than one people.

This does not keep it from being unique or exciting. However, it will always be dangerous from an emotional point of view. Few people are able to survive the Sex Off.

Sex Off can be very adventurous and easy, or without compromise. It does not have to be actual sex. You can experiment with possible lovers without having to go all the way. In order to do so, you’ll have to become a hunter without actually hunting, letting your prey go before you actually kill it.

In my opinion, sex is too underestimated these days. We have to understand that we are not complete animals who only have sex for the act itself. We need to find balance between our desires and our humanity.

Let’s all be a little bit patient, shall we. We either are very horny, or very frigid.

Which one are you? We manifest our sexual energy in the wrong way, just like we eat our food too fast. It doesn’t suit us to eat too quickly or just for the sake of eating, and in the same way, sex must be fully tasted. I would strongly advise you not to have Sex Off on the first encounter, or even on the second one. It’s best to wait at least until the third encounter so that you can get to know the person better from the first two dates and find out if you really want to have sex with them, or if they want to.

Men think they’re the ones who conquer the woman, in fact the choice is actually hers: she chooses to be with him. I also learned that I must make my interests clear and never be with a man who does not show interest in me first. A very wise man once told me, a man is a simple human being, and when he becomes complicated, you must get away from him and delete his number without thinking twice because that means that he has another woman in mind or is simply looking at you with no desire. This can either be explained by the fact that you’re not his type, or in the best of the worst-case scenarios, he might be gay and you haven’t realized it yet.

In Brazil, just as everywhere else in the world, we can have casual sex or we can hold off, and with that comes the concept of sex without sex. We’re dancing a kind of courtship dance, meaning we’re able to freely kiss other people without necessarily going to bed with any of them… and that, my dear, can be a delicious torture for everyone. That can awaken a real desire in the couple or make them come to the conclusion that a relationship is just not feasible.

People who cross your path and don’t take you to bed are not made to have sex with you. This may not even be caused by any problem or disease, the truth is naked and is simply a “lack of body chemistry.” You can even have sex with everyone who crosses your path, but not everyone will be your type.

In the end, you will only be left with emptiness…

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