I don´t usually recommend to break the rules. However, sometimes we cannot avoid breaking them. This story I’m about to narrate here explains exactly that:

We meet someone while having a boyfriend and he is committed to someone too. There’s a connection between you. The chemistry you have is undeniable and the feeling that your relationship could grow and prosper is shared by both of you. But this is a forbidden love and you know that.

One day things start to warm up a bit in a way either of you can’t control. You think that when the moment comes you will be able to pull the brake but you are wrong… You lower your guard and there he is giving you a small and innocent kiss next to your lips. You don’t move back and he tries again closer to your mouth and, yes, the kiss is just perfect.
You feel like you are in no other place and time but there, now and with him. But what do you think it’s going to happen next?

The idyllic thing would be “nothing more” and then you would easily be able to leave in a french way (charmingly and polite, just explaining that you are tired, etc.), but things are never so simple when it comes to attraction and passion.

You are not totally in control of your mind since you have drunk and talked a lot this day. You are looking at each other all the time and when he suddenly takes you by the hand he transmits to you the trust and feeling that you have known each other for ages.

You let yourself go and things get out of control. (This is the moment when our minds are predisposed to sex on). You feel both alive and living in a dream since this man is treating you like a princess; he is never leaving you and he is giving you all the attention and care you may need.

But okay, you did it. Now it’s time to let it go. Tomorrow you have to wake up and realize what you have (a beautiful boyfriend) and don’t want to lose. You should ask yourself whether this affair will lead you somewhere that you desire. You can’t let it happen again, at least not in the same way. Next time if you want to have fun you should play in a different way.

After two days, this friend calls you and tells you to come to his house because he wants to talk with you. You don’t know what to do. “Will it be a good idea to be alone with him?!” – you ask yourself. However, after a while you accept.

– What time? – you say.

– Around 8pm. Would work for you? – he texts back.

– Yes – you answer, ending the conversation.

When you get there and ring the doorbell he tells you to come inside. You think today it will be just an agile and quick conversation between friends who want to keep in touch. He receives you with a hug and you react well to that, relaxing yourself a bit. Then he leads you to the sofa and he sits on the carpet at your feet.

– Can I tell you what I really think there is between us? – he says.

– Yes, please. – but this is actually the last thing you wanted to hear…

– The truth is that I brought you here to know what feelings you have for me now that we are not drunk. – he says while caressing your ankles.

– Thank you for not telling anyone what happened.

He grabs you by the hands, turns them and he gives you a kiss on both palms. You start to talk very close to each other and after half an hour there he is kissing you again. You feel the connection but you stay static and not saying a word. The feeling is the same as the other night and you start to let yourself go just like it happened two days ago. You place your hands behind his neck and you kiss him many times, slowly, taking your time…

– We need to go slow. – you say.

– I agree with you but I think we have chemistry. It wasn’t just the alcohol that made us do it. – he replies. And he adds: – Wait here, I’m going to bring you something.

Then he comes back with his laptop and he shows you your own Instagram account.

– Your image, your smile, the whole picture of you has been on my mind since you left this apartment the other day.

– You know what? It has been a bit the same for me too. – you answer, laughing with him.

– Let’s go out and have some appetizer just around the corner! – he says.

When you are in the restaurant he mentions plans and future projects he has concerning his job and the conversation gets very absorbing. He asks you if you would like to meet that night. You answer that you would love to but you are not sure it’s right.

– I need to rationalize what kind of relationship I have with you now. – you say very sincerely.

When you finish your appetizer and the date seems to be over you go home and realize that you haven’t answered your boyfriend who talked to you on Whatsapp hours ago. However, the friend you have just left inside the restaurant is the only thing you have in mind and there he is texting you now… He says he wants you back. You don’t reply. He texts again. You don’t say a word. He insists. (He is right since every girl and women love when the man they like insists. It’s a simple and very sexy thing to do.)

You come back and meet him at his apartment. Then a game of unimaginable seduction starts: He takes out your shoes, takes you by the hand and leads you to the shower. As if you well a pretty little doll he takes out your clothes very nicely. He comes in the shower with you and he passes the soap all over your body with delicacy, as if you could break into pieces at any moment. You realize that he isn’t trying to touch you. He just wants to take care of you and demonstrate how much esteem he has for your skin.

When you are showering him you feel an intense electricity. He gently grabs your hand with the soap and slides it up to his erect penis. You start caressing it with your hand. At this moment, you want it inside you. He notices and he does exactly that.

This is a sex off situation that in the end becomes sex on and very hot indeed. It is a situation where two people decide to start something together even if they have a partner already. So don’t go so slowly if you feel that you are not well enough with what you have and give yourself a chance to live something that can change your life.

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