You know that guy who isn’t gay but never settled down ?

Well, it’s a simple as that: He is the Sex Off kind.


The most dangerous thing about being near or in a relationship with a Sex Off guy is that you may not always see it coming. As it often happens, he may not be as honest as he should be, at least not about his choices. Let’s be clear here, he may even be in love with you and you guys might have an amazing connection, but somewhere, he will get all pragmatical on you. He looks at you without considering you his priority. I know it seems impossible, but men have shown over time that they’re likely not to put love first. Like for example in the beginning of the 19th century, where love was more rational and marriage was simply business. A long term business deal, with women as its product. It was as if men were race horses, which only purpose was to perpetuate the family lineage.


Some women are goddesses, others are doormats. By Pablo Picasso

This sentence truly must describe how men used to think at the time, also given that very few women had the courage to « be » goddesses, fearing men’s repression and avoiding what constituted the biggest shame of all: not getting married…

My best example here would be my cousin, also the Sex Off kind, for whom even his cousins were good female targets. However, those cousins, being true goddesses, were never reachable, which left him with nothing else but Brazilian national sport: kissing, first base, true and simple. I have to say my cousins are all very attractive, so I spent quite some time watching this game, thou this games were always leading to nowwhere.


It became a problem for me when my own friends became targets and victims of my cousin; asking me all kind of advice and going crazy after going out with him. That’s when I started reflecting on that, finding their behavior was kind of sad and stupid, even though I was way younger than them. That’s also when being the guru without a guide became less fun, but that never kept me from giving them all the advice they needed.

Those goddesses were not prepared for my Zeus, rich and dreamy cousin and his tricks. This really became a problem for me because I was used to being very honest with my friends when giving them advice, even though some were not always appreciative of that, which is a true shame, I got to say. Once I even had to tell two victims that they were dating the same guy…

My cousin has two names from his baptism and sees no problem in using both in different situations when meeting people. I come from a very big family where we give the same names to sons and grand sons, which sometimes makes it harder to know who we’re talking about. This happens a lot in big families.

But my cousin’s best trick was undoubtedly the gifts he would choose to give to the girls. His favorite one was a pair of tight jeans. He would also pick carefully perfumes, such as Eternity, Juicy Culture or the classic Chanel number 5. He would take the girl to dinner at the best Japanese place in town. If you’re thinking this only happens in Brazil, open your eyes because this is universal and typical of men. What makes them different is their looks, and the way they’re going to use everything they own to seduce you.


A great friend of mine, a German living in Dubai, met his wife in similar circumstances. He had a girlfriend when he first met the woman he is now married to and dated both of them. This happened for a while until the one who’s his current wife showed she was smarter than him. She played the game, she was totally pragmatical and ended up leaving him going madly-desesperated in love.

All men have a weakness and we just need to find out what it is. Until we do, trust me when I say we can manage, even if the situation is hard. However, one thing is sure: they won’t forget us that easily if we play by his rules and what you will have learned with this will be helpful for you your whole life…

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