WhatsApp ON is when we meet someone new and we start talking to him or her (either just writing through social sites or phone calling each other). There is therefore a line of understanding, without necessarily sharing the same culture, nationality or lifestyle. It is then easy to arrange a meeting within an average of three days time. We are at that point in the relationship in which you can’t hide a smile every time we see that he or she has written to us. We are in the phase of falling in love. What should we do so?

Meet. Why complicate things more through whatsApp? My advice is to trigger a bit the brake and stop talking with the same constancy using social media. It’s time to meet in person. It is advisable not to think too much and just enjoy the moment you have together, as it is spontaneous interaction that leads to true love.

But would it be possible to get bored with that “idyllic” relationship that Sex ON represents?

Yes. In most cases the problem is that we exaggerate. And soon you will understand what I mean. We have to follow the “middle way”. That’s where the truth resides, as Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius expressed one day. This is easy to say and difficult to do when we feel deeply for a person. However, if we want to extend the feeling of love and prolong that sensation without dying in the attempt, we should only season a little bit the situation.

So far we have explained WhatsApp Sex ON. But what about WhatsApp Sex OFF? This is where things get complicated.

When we meet someone and share something very intense (whether it is a kiss, a romantic moment, an exciting conversation, we have met at an event at night or during the day on the street) but things seem to suddenly complicate. And can you guess what the problem that always pops up is?… Sure! It’s WhatsApp, of course.

So back to the topic, what is an off situation? There are a thousand and one reasons for this: for pride, one does not want the same as the other, someone feels more, one does not know what he/she wants, one thinks about his/her ex… among many others.

Let’s talk about pride. Well, this is something I see a lot around me.

Sometimes people get a wrong idea of others simply because they smell or dress in a certain way, have this friends or maybe smile a lot… The problem with boys that are extremely proud of themselves is that they usually confuse a girl being nice (talking, smiling, laughing, etc.) with the act of flirting. The truth is that this type of boys aren’t very confident and they think we want to play hard with them. That’s not it, boys… (In some cultures this happens all the time and specially the english one is at firt place)

When we translate this into how this relations evolve through whatsapp we can see that first contact is hard. The guy doesn’t easily replies as he should. He plays in a very naive but also cruel way. The flame lowers its intensity and this is when both him and the girl loose.

What is actually happening is that the relationship doesn’t flow, and let me repeat that: the most important thing in a relationship is that it flows. In order to reactivate a relationship that over time has cooled down, it is important one thing: Men must understand that to get the best of a woman they have to be communicative. Without communication we return to the stone age and women we don’t like that. Putting myself in the skin of a man I can imagine how boring it must be to have a girlfriend/wife who does not enjoy our company. What is the value of faking we are busy or faking interest in the other, in what he/she does or feels? Does pretending actually lead us to where we want? NO!

We all win if we care about the other. In fact, it can be a very fun game. And singers like Enrique Iglesias sometimes do songs to remind us of that. (hahaha)

Duele el corazón – Enrique Iglesias (lyrics in english)

Here’s a little help for those who find it hard to care for their partner:

Do you like when your friend talks to you, whatever time it is, and ask how you are? It’s the same thing you should do with your partner. We live in very modern times, so don’t worry if you feel that you’re giving her too much attention; She won’t want to marry you straight away because of that, and if so, you’ve had luck!

Ask her if she slept well in the morning and then go to work. You will see how worth the excitement of awaiting the response is. You must feel confident about it, since you have done what is right. It does not matter if she responds at the same moment, takes too long or if she does not do it at all. You will always win, since you will know how much affection she has for you and, plus, you will have been polite. If the second occurs and she does not respond, my advice is to forget about it.

If she is the one who talks to you first (because we live in modern times), do not tell me that you are not interested, since you gave her the telephone number with some intention. Answer your message at some point on the SAME DAY. If you want to be with her, tell her. Maybe I’m a bit “traditional” and I prefer that men take the initiative. However, if you both want to see each other (to have a drink, etc.) and she is the one who proposes to, let it flow. Loneliness only exists for people who let it in, so if she invites you to a celebration or event of any kind, do not overthink it and go, meet her friends and you’ll just have things to win: new contacts, have a fun time, get to know her better… And in addition to that she will be enchanted!

Another good idea is to invite the person with whom you have a relationship to take a trip. If ever a woman has found herself in this situation and has been very surprised and has run to tell her friends, I understand, I would do the same. However, do not let the offer stay in that: go ahead and find out what it’s like to be with your partner 24 hours a day. If you have your eyes wide open you will have a million answers about the him. Oh, and be careful, worth remembering now: always condom. In this aspect women should be like a German machine (cold and functional) so that they don’t have future health problems. Let me add here that German guys aren’t cold at all ;-). “But I’ve known him for a long time,” you may tell me. Why should I continue using condom?” And I answer: the time you spend together does not translate into health. The only way to have sex without a condom is after you have done both clinical exams. Such are the modern times and once the medical tests are done you will both presume the formidable sex you had.

PS: I will give you more advice if needed. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Keep updated!

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